This NFL season has been nothing short of exciting.  Since the loss of Tom Brady in Week 1, it seems to be anybody’s game.  Would you bet your savings on any of these teams?  Yeah, exactly.  Here are Week 4 highlights:

1) Two words:  Brett Favre.  Last week, Favre looked shaky and fragile against the Charagers, but this week… oh man.  He threw, count ’em, 6 TOUCHDOWN PASSES!  That’s a record high for him, and the Jets offense looked unstoppable.   And it appears Favre has found a favorite target in Laverneus Coles, as he hauled in 3 Touchdown passes and accumulated a total of 105 receiving yards.  Favre said after the game that he knows this won’t happen every weekend, but it sure gives NY Jets fans a reason to get REALLY EXCITED!  NY Jets 56, Arizona 35.

2) The explosive Denver offense was shockingly stifled by the abysmal Kansas City Chiefs.  Experts expected the Broncos to roll all over the Chiefs, but that didn’t happen whatsoever.  Broncos QB, Jay Cutler, still passed for 361 yards, but still threw 2 picks and connected for only one touchdown.  Kansas City was led by their all-star RB, Larry Johnson.  Johnson had been stagnant the first two games of the season.  He turned it on last week, but this week he exploded for 198 yards and 2 TDs.  Maybe the Chiefs aren’t dead after all.  Kansas City 33, Denver 19.

3) Yes, it’s true, the Buffalo Bills are a perfect 4-0, as they trounced the befuddled St. Louis Rams.   The Bills have an incredibly stingy defense, and a very well controlled offense.  It’s even possible that the Bills, a team that has been pretty putrid for the past decade, might actually win the AFC East.  The Dolphins don’t pose much of a threat, the Patriots look confused, and the Jets… well, the Jets could be a problem.  We’ll have to see how this plays out, but for now, the Bills look serious.  Buffalo 31, St. Louis 14.

4) Packers QB Aaron Rodgers got off to an impeccable start, but his last two games have been relatively subpar.  He got a little banged up this week against the Buccaneers, and now it’s hard to really tell how good the Packers actually are.  Can Rodgers even stay healthy?  In other news, this game was a special one for Buccaneers kicker, Matt Bryant.  He lost his 3-month son this week, and still played in the game — even booting 3 crucial field goals.  It must have been incredibly tough for him to even grace the field, but his teammates and the Tampa Bay fans were behind him.  Tampa Bay 30, Green Bay 21.

5) And finally, ladies and gentleman, the Washington Redskins.  They started off the season losing the opening game, and were pretty much of an afterthought in the brutally competitive NFC East.  Now, they look like they could beat anybody — even win the division.  They were able to march into Cowboy stadium, and beat their long-time rival Dallas Cowboys.  No Redskin coach has done that in their first year since the 1980s.  Just an incredible coaching job by 1st year coach, Jim Zorn.  And in another interesting Redskin development… their quarterback, Jason Campbell, looks GOOD.  He threw for 231 yards and 2 TDs, and still has yet to throw an interception this season.  Can you believe it… the Washington Redskins have a passing game again.  The NFC East right now is on fire; it’s completely unpredictable.  (And, in one of the most bone-headed moves of the season, our fantasy football team played injured Bengals’ Carson Palmer this week instead of Jason Campbell.) Washington 26, Dallas 24.

The Super Bowl now… anybody’s guess.

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