My fantasy football team is going down FAST! But, enough about me, let’s talk about another week in the NFL. You could really call this… ‘haywire week’, in which some crazy things happened around the league.

1) This year’s New England Patriots are anything but what they were last season.  In 2007, the Patriots were purely unstoppable, winning a plethora of games by 30 points or more.  However, this year, especially after the loss of Tom Brady, they look horrible.  Matt Cassel is not turning into Tom Brady redux, their running game is banged up, and their defense looks abysmal.  This all culminated in Sunday’s match-up against the Dolphins, a team that, coming into the game, looked atrocious.  But, whoa, did the Dolphins kill the Patriots.  The Pats D couldn’t do ANYTHING!  And the Dolphins ran one trick play after another, all behind their running back, Ronnie Brown.  He had a total of 5TDs on the day, even taking the snap at Quarterback, then rushing forward and bruising his way into the end zone.  Miami 38, New England 13.

2) The Carolina Panthers were 2-0 coming into the game against Minnesota.  And Vikings star running-back, Adrian Peterson, was questionable for the game.  Essentially, the Panthers were expected to destroy the Vikes.  But, under the leadership of the Vikings new QB, veteran Gus Frerotte, the Vikings surged to a victory.  Their passing game actually looked good for a change, with Frerotte throwing for 204 yards and a TD.  Just another thing to add to haywire week.  Minnesota 20, Carolina 10.

3) The Buffalo Bills are 3-0.  Wait, we’ll repeat that, and put it in caps just so you can see it.  THE BUFFALO BILLS ARE 3-0.  However, it didn’t come easy, as the Oakland Raiders, with something to prove, kept the game a nail-biter the entire way.  But, with 2 minutes in the game, Buffalo quarterback, Trent Edwards, led them down the field along with their franchise running back, Marshawn Lynch.  And with 3 seconds left on the clock, Bills kicker, Rian Lindell booted a field goal to win the game, and seemingly preserve what is a great football tradition in Buffalo.  Buffalo 24, Oakland 23.

4) And get this, the San Francisco 49ers… GOOD!  Last week, they had an impressive showing against the Seahawks, and this week they proved that wasn’t a fluke.  49ers QB J.T. O’ Sullivan is airing it out with the confidence of a young Peyton Manning, and there seems to be life in the 49ers again.  They shredded the Lions defense apart, and now sit atop the NFC West (tied with, of all teams, the Arizona Cardinals. Go figure!)  San Francisco 31, Detroit 13.

5) Finally, rookie QB Matt Ryan has led the Atlanta Falcons to a winning record.  They actually look like a real football team again.  He’s not afraid to throw long bombs, and his young receivers, Roddy White and Michael Jenkins, have finally found their groove.  This team looks real, they crushed the Chiefs this weekend, and we’ll see if they can keep it up next week against Carolina.  Atlanta 38, Kansas City 14.


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